Player link

Player Link are a platform created to connect players with clubs, scouts and agents. The Player Link website will hold a database of players all across Ireland with information on their current club, playing history, latest video footage, upcoming games etc.


The platform is being created to simplify the recruitment and scouting process and allow clubs, scouts and agents to target a wider range of players all across Ireland.

The National League Football Academy will work with Player Link to showcase our players on the platform.

united football agency

The United Football Agency are a sports agency based in London, UK. They are a trusted, credible and well connected agency that help players with representation, career advice, career planning and sponsorship deals. 


The United Football Agency will work with the National League Football Academy to offer opportunities to high level players and offer transparent representation putting the interest of the player first. 

star Bridge sports

StarBridge Sports specialize in sports scholarship and elite athlete development. Whether someone is looking to study in the USA or the UK, they offer a service that meets the needs of individual athletes. 


The National League Football Academy believe having an alternative for players is important. Pursuing the route to study and play full time in America allows players opportunities to experience the athlete lifestyle in a well developed sporting country. The route to America can also open up doors of opportunity to the MLS, USL and other professional leagues around the world.


Tel: +353 85285 0376 / +353 83804 4945


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