About National League Football Academy

The National League Football Academy has been created to provide professional coaching to better develop the next generation of talent in Ireland.

We have the aim to produce the next generation of talent in Ireland providing our players opportunities in the League of Ireland and abroad.


We focus on four key areas Training, Education, Mentorship and Evaluation which is setting players up for success and a long term career in football.

The National League Football Academy philosophy stems from developing forward thinking from an early age, primarily focused on the technical side of the game while also working on the tactical. physical and mental side of each players game. 


Every player will feel like a professional when attending a training session. We treat every player with respect and most importantly treat them as professionals on and off the pitch. We give players the feeling of what it's like to be in a professional academy, with the high level sessions and professional leadership we want to give every player a chance to express themselves and show us what they can do.


4 key areas of focus



Our training is focused on developing the technical aspect of each player. We set out drills to work the mind-set of the players to make better decisions on and off the ball. We put our players through intense conditioning only with the ball which will challenge every player to focus on the technique while tired and fatigued.


Football is more than just a game. It involves understanding your body, your nutrition, your recovery and your position. We educate our players with experienced coaches on how to live the football lifestyle for players who wish to seek a professional career. We conduct workshops on topics that can better each player on the mental and psychological side of the game.


Throughout the youth stage of a player's career without guidance it's difficult for a player to remain completely focused and motivated towards their goals. We give our players mentorship and guidance throughout their time with the academy. We also set out a career plan with specific players looking to progress to a professional level.


The NLFA management and coaches will always remain transparent to our players, providing them with truthful feedback that will better develop the players and understand areas of weakness. We also attend certain games which we can better evaluate a player on their performance.




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